aerodyn engineering at the EWEA Offshore 2013

SCD 3 MW erhält A-Design Assessment vom Germanischen Lloyd

Hamburg/Germany, 25 July 2013. GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) hand over the A-Design Assessment to aerodyn engineering for its SCD (Super Compact Drive) 3MW wind turbine design in a small celebration.

A-Design Assessment consists of a complete examination of the design analyses with all required material and component tests. It confirms that the turbine meets the requirements of GL RC’s “Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines” which addresses the safety philosophy, quality assurance and engineering integrity of the turbine.

SCD 6 MW erhält C-Design Assessment vom TÜV Nord

Hamburg/Germany, 21 February 2013. aerodyn engineering gets the Statement of Compliance for the C-Design Assessment for the SCD 6 MW offshore turbine from TÜV Nord.

Within the C-Design Assessment (for prototypes of wind turbines), a plausibility check of the prototype will be performed on the basis of the design documentation. This type of Design Assessment can be used to erect the prototype of a wind turbine. It is based on a load assessment and a complete plausibility check of the rotor blades, the main components as well as of the tower and foundation. Depending on national or local regulations the complete assessment of tower and foundation might be necessary. The final step will be the issue of a Statement of Compliance for the C-Design Assessment which is valid for test operation comprising a maximum of 2 years or 4000 equivalent hours at full load.