Ming Yang Windpower is the pilot customer of the first set of SCD technology licenses. That means Ming Yang owns production and marketing rights for the SCD3MW and SCD6MW wind energy converters for the entire chinese market. Where else, if not in China, can you find an emerging company with the courage and drive to go on entirely new paths. That is the key reason why it was possible to make a new technology become reality in such a short time.

Based on the assembly philosophy of SCD two producion factories have been built. One factory in the southern province of Guangdong and one southeast of Bejing in Tianjin. Its capabilities have been already impressivly shown while producing the first batch of turbines for the first windfarms. aerodyn and Ming Yang teams worked close together from starting with the supplier selection up to optimizing the serial producibility. Only such kind of co-development where engineering technolgies and practical experiences work combined together with the right amout of flexibility are essential to turn ideas into successful products.

The following projects are the first key milestones of the commercial launch of the SCD technology.