Projects Offshore

Offshore Prototype Rudong 3 MW

The 2nd SCD turbine has been near shore erected in late 2010. The Jiangsu Province Rudong wind farm is a test field of the State Development Planning Commission. Beside learnings of SCD technology operation this turbine additionally gathered experiences of an SCD offshore use.

Offshore Windfarm Zuhai 3 MW

Near Zhuhai Guishan Island in the Guangdong Province of China has the biggest SCD project already started  end of 2014. Ming Yang Windpower will erect 29 SCD3MW turbines. The project contains beside the turbine also tower, foundation and project management. Especially the SCD “easy erection concept” will make here the offshore erection comparatively easy.

Offshore Prototype Rudong 6 MW

The 1st SCD turbine with a rated power of 6MW is erected and under commissioning.