Projects Onshore

Prototype Urumqi 2.75 MW

The first SCD turbine ever has been erected 2010 in the province of Xinjiang in the northwest of China. This prototype generated the first learnings to optimize the following turbines. It was for all project members very satisfying as the expected turbine noise emission where well below expectations. There is now reason left to think two bladed turbines have higher noise emssions. The next step is to control the blade positions of the entire windfarm for a more uniform appearance with the target to distroy the last rumour about two bladed rotors.

Windfarm Urumqi 3 MW

After the first prototype also the first SCD windfarm has been built near Urumqi. 16 SCD turbines plus the prototype engine deliver today energie into the grid. Under almost cold climate conditions the turbines gain more and more information for the final optimization and also the last weak points can be detected and eliminated.